(Last Updated On: May 19, 2020)

Zoom Video Communication Inc will be restricting new user registration in mainland China to enterprise customers only.

In China, free users will be able to continue to be a part of meetings managed by registered customers, but new user registrations are accessible only for enterprise customers who sign up via authorized sales representatives.

COVID-19 has pushed millions of people to use the video conferencing platform to connect with families, offices and schools while staying home.

Nikkei had reported on this and said that these limitations had been placed on the individual accounts in China on the app because of “regulatory requirements” in the country, and the company is also being probed by the US and China as their trade wars continue to get worse.

Privacy and security have been a major issue that Zoom has been facing from cybersecurity experts, regardless of the rise in demand for the app. These issues mean that Zoon has stalled new feature development for 90 days to help address these problems.

In two years time, Zoom plans on opening up two new R&D locations in Phoenix and Pittsburg and will be expanding the company’s workforce by 60%.

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